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WW1 Serbian Masters



GWS01 - Serbian Infantry Command


GWS02 - Serbian Infantry Marching


GWS03 - Serbian Infantry Advancing


GWS04 - Serbian Infantry firing




GWS05 - Serbian Machine Gun & Crew



GWS07 - Serbian Artillery Crew



GWS15 -  Serbian Cavalry













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WW1 Russian Masters





GWR01 - Russian Infantry Command


GWR02 - Russian Infantry Marching


GWR03 - Russian Infantry Advancing


GWR04 - Russian Infantry Firing


GWR06 - Russian Machine Gun and Crew


GWR07 - Russian Artillery Crew


GWR15 - Russian Cossacks


GWR16 - Russian Regular Cavalry



GWA25 - Russian - 76.2mm M1902 Putilov £3







Front WW1


 Our next release in March is going to be our eastern front WW1 it is open to a pre release offer of a 25% discount on orders placed before the 31st January. The list below shows the planned release we are hoping for more and some pics of the Austrian Line Advancing and Russian Cossacks.

 e mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. any orders and we will paypal to you


Standard packs

10 foot, 4 mounted or 8 artillery crew £2.60, 6 command 32, 3 artillery pieces £3





GWA01 - Austrian Infantry Command £2


GWA02 - Austrian Infantry Marching


GWA03 - Austrian Infantry Advancing


GWA04 - Austrian Infantry Firing


GWA06 - Austrian Machine Gun and Crew


GWA07 - Austrian Artillery Crew


GWA15 - Austrian Hussar


GWA16 - Austrian Regular Dragoon


GWA20 - Austrian 8cm feldkanone M99 £3




GWS01 - Serbian Command £2


GWS02 - Serbian Infantry Marching


GWS03 - Serbian Infantry Advancing


GWS04 - Serbian Infantry Firing


GWS05 - Serbian Machine Gun and Crew


GWS07 - Serbian Artillery Crew


GWS15 - Serbian Cavalry



GWA30 - Serbian 75mm Schneider-creusot M1912 £3





GWM01 - Montenegro Infantry Command £2


GWM02 - Montenegro Infantry Marching


GWM03 - Montenegro Infantry Advancing


GWM04 - Montenegro Infantry Firing




Battle Packs

1 pack £15, 2-3 Packs £14ea, 4 + packs £13ea

60 foot, 24 mounted 6 artillery crew or 6 mg's and crew


GWBP100 Russian Infantry

GWBP105 Russian Artillery and MG's

GWBP110 Russian Cossacks

GWBP111 Russian Regular cavalry

GWBP120 Austrian Infantry

GWBP125 Austrian Artillery and MG's

GWBP130 Austrian Hussars

GWBP131 Austrian Dragoons

GWBP140 Serbian Infantry

GWBP145 Serbian Artillery and MG's

GWBP146 Serbian Cavalry

GWBP147 Montenegrin Infantry










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More of the masters underway for moulding The last of the Germans and French






German M/G


German Artillery Crew



French Marching


French Command


French Prone


French Dragoons



French Artillery crew



French advancing



French M/G


hope you like them  the Belgians soon





Yet more 15mm British WW1 for our release in Sept, plus we have added some of our greens for the Sikh Wars


British Command

British Advancing


British Prone



British Machine Gun and Crew




Also for those waiting some Sikh Wars greens

Bengal Cavalry

Chorachurra/Sikh Irreg. Cavalry with lance


British Generals


Skinners Horse









 More New Greens of British form the WW1 range British Firing




British Firing

                                                  British Advancing



Special Offer for 2014


order before the 8th August




Below are the first pics of the coming WW1 range, the codes are


GWG02 - German Infantry Marching  and  GWB02 - British Infantry Marching      







The range is underway for release Early to Mid September, if your interested in our offer then pre order to save a Massive 25% this applies to all orders  received before the 8th August 2014 see the list below

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25% discount on all pre orders for the New figures

            In the next few months we are working on the next New 15mm Range of figures the list is below, this is our first release of 15mm WW1 - 1914, the first couple of codes will be ready in a few weeks and if you like what you see and want to take advantage of the massive 25% discount you can pre order then


German 1914

GWG01 - German Infantry Command £2

GWG02 - German Infantry Marching

GWG03 - German Infantry Advancing

GWG04 - German Infantry Firing

GWG05 - German Infantry Prone

GWG06 - German Machine Gun and Crew( x3)

GWG07 - German Artillery Crew

GWG15 - German Lancers


British 1914

GWB01 - British Infantry Command £2

GWB02 - British Infantry Marching

GWB03 - British Infantry Advancing

GWB04 - British Infantry Firing

GWB05 - British Infantry Prone

GWB06 - British Machine Gun and Crew(x3)

GWB07 - British Artillery Crew

GWB15 - British Cavalry


French 1914

GWF01 - French Infantry Command £2

GWF02 - French Infantry Marching

GWF03 - French Infantry Advancing

GWF04 - French Infantry Firing

GWF05 - French Infantry Prone

GWF06 - French Machine Gun and Crew(x3)

GWF07 - French Artillery Crew

GWF15 - French Dragoons


Belgian 1914

 GWN01 - Belgian Infantry Command £2

 GWN02 - Belgian Infantry Marching

 GWN03 - Belgian Infantry Advancing

 GWN04 - Belgian Infantry Firing

 GWN05 - Belgian Infantry Prone

 GWN06 - Belgian Machine Gun and Crew(x3)

 GWN07 - Belgian Artillery Crew

 GWN15 - Belgian Guides


WW1 Artillery( 3 pieces per pack)

GWA01 - German 77mm Artillery £3

GWA10 - British 13pdr Artillery  £3

GWA15 - French 75mm Artillery £3


Battle Packs  60 foot, 24 mounted or 6 guns, crews and 6 MG and crews)

GWBP01 - German Infantry in Picklehaube

GWBP05 - German Artillery Battery

GWBP10 - German Uhlans

GWBP21 - British Infantry 1914

GWBP25 - British Artillery Battery

GWBP30 - British Cavalry 1914

GWBP50 - French Infantry

GWBP55 - French Battery

GWBP60 - French Dragoons

GWBP80 - Belgian Infantry

GWBP85 - Belgian Artillery Battery

GWBP88 - Belgian Guides  





    Thanks to all those who have taken our offer on these new releases, the support we have received and the advice and suggestions for expansion of the range has been beyond our dreams. Thanks again we are/will take everything into account for our future releases this year




At last some new greens sorry for all the messing about but here are a few snaps before they are put into moulds in the next day or two. This is the last chance for anyone to take up the massive 25% off, all requests or orders received before Friday midnight .........




Military Order Knights CRF10


Knights with melee Weapons CRF4


Armed Peasants  CRF16

Foot command CRF15

Knights command CRF5

Crossbowmen CRF14


Heavy Spearmen CRF12


Monks CRF18


Sikh Wars

Sikh Cuirassier's  SWS10

 British Marching Covered Shako SWB2




As I'm away for a few days the New Greens will be up on Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest, so check them out and drop me a line if you want to take advantage of the offer



     Due to bereavement they production of masters has slowed temporarily,  but we are on course for another batch of Greens to be up on the site soon, as we want to show as many as possible before the time deadline we are extending this deadline for pre orders getting the Massive 25% discount until the 20th March  




The Crusades


Charging Knights CRF3







Sikh Wars


SWS5              Fanatics/Akalis



Special Offer   Pictures 



CRF3              Knights Lance Charging


CRM2             Gulham/Heavy Cavalry with Lance


SWS5              Fanatics/Akalis



More to follow very soon




Special Offer for 2014


25% discount on all pre orders for the New figures

            In the next few months we are working on the next New 15mm Ranges of figures the lists are below, these are Early Crusader and Sikh Wars the release dates will be April and May just in time for Salute and Triples. We thought it would be nice to offer a discount to all the people who expressed being interested to support our ranges a massive  - 25% discount


The Early Crusades


CRF1              Mounted Commanders          

CRF2              Knights Lance Upright

CRF3              Knights Lance Charging

CRF4              Knights with Melee Weapons

CRF5              Knights command £2.00

CRF6              Knights Lance Upright Flat Top Helm

CRF7              Knights Lance Charging Flat Top Helm

CRF8              Knights with Melee Weapons Flat Top Helm

CRF9              Mounted Sergeants

CRF10            Military Order Knights

CRF11            Turcopoles

CRF12            Heavy Spearmen

CRF14            Crossbowmen

CRF15            Foot Command £2.00

CRF16            Armed Peasants

CRF17            Monks with Weapons

CRF18            Monks

CRF20            Knights on Foot

CRF22            Knights Lance Upright Arab covering to Helm

CRF23            Knights Lance Charging Arab covering to Helm

CRF24            Knights with Melee Weapons Arab covering to Helm


Battle Packs  60 foot or 24 mounted

DBP880          Knights

DBP881          Knights in Flat topped Helm

DBP882          Knights in Arab adorned Helms

DBP883          Military Order Knights

DBP884          Mounted Sergeants

DBP885          Turcopoles

DBP886          Crusader foot( 30 Spear/30 CrossBow)

DBP887          Armed Peasants and Monks


CRM1             Mounted Commanders

CRM2             Gulham/Heavy Cavalry with Lance

CRM3             Gulham/Heavy Cavalry with Bow

CRM4             Gulham/Heavy Cavalry with Lance barded horses

CRM5             Gulham/Heavy Cavalry with Bow Barded Horses

CRM6             Mounted Command £2.00

CRM7             Bedouin Light Cavalry Lance

CRM8             Arab Light Cavalry with Bow

CRM10           Arab/Militia Spear men

CRM11           Arab/Militia Bowmen

CRM12           Foot Command £2.00

CRM13           African Spearmen

CRM14           African Archers

Battle Packs  60 foot or 24 mounted

DBP890          Gulham/Heavy Cavalry

DBP891          Gulham/Heavy Cavalry Barded Horses

DBP892          Bedouin Light Cavalry

DBP893          Arab Light Cavalry

DBP894          Arab Foot( 30 Spear/30 Bow)

DBP895          African Foot(30 spear/30 bow)


Sikh Wars


SWB1             British Infantry Advancing(Covered Albert Shako)

SWB2             British Infantry Marching(Covered Albert Shako)

SWB3             British Infantry Firing(Covered Albert Shako)

SWB4             British Foot Command £2.00

SWB5             Sepoy Infantry Advancing

SWB6             Sepoy Infantry Marching

SWB8             British Foot Artillery Crew

SWB9             British Horse Artillery Crew

SWB15           Skinners Horse

SWB17           Bengal Cavalry

SWB18           British Lancers

SWB19           British Light Dragoons

SWB20           Irregular Light Cavalry

SWB21           Generals


SWS1              Sikh Regulars Advancing

SWS2              Sikh Regulars Firing

SWS3              Sikh Regulars Marching

SWS4              Regular Command £2.00

SWS5              Fanatics/Akalis

SWS6              Irregular Foot with Sword and Shield

SWS7              Irregular Foot with Firearm

SWS8              Irregular Command £2.00

SWS9              Artillery Crew

SWS10            Kuirassier Cavalry

SWS11            Dragoons

SWS12            Chorachurra/Sikh Irreg. Cavalry with lance

SWS13            Chorachurra/Sikh Irreg. Cavalry with Sword/Firearm

SWS14            Generals

Battle Packs 60 foot or 24 mounted

CBP1055        Regular Infantry Advancing

CBP1056        Regular Infantry Marching

CBP1057        Sepoy Foot Advancing

CBP1058        Sepoy Marching         

CBP1059        British Lancers and Skinners Horse

CBP1060        British Light Dragoons

CBP1061        Irregular Cavalry

CBP1045        Sikh Regulars Advancing

CBP1046        Sikh Regulars Marching

CBP1047        Sikh Irregular Foot

CBP1048        Sikh Kuirassier and Dragoons

CBP1049        Sikh Chorachurra /Irregular Cavalry


Pictures will be shown soon of selected codes

Discount applies to orders placed before the 21st  March 2014

Contact me via E mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for ordering and details

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