Figure Painting Service

 Below is the chart detailing the various prices per figure for the different scales, they do not include the cost of any figures if you require us to obtain the figures we can do at manufactures list price. But I would draw your attention to our designer armies prices as these include the cost of figures, etc at discount prices.

Wargames Figure Painting Service

Figure type     10mm         15mm         20mm     25mm

Foot figure       £1.00           £1.40         £1.80      £3.50

Mtd figure        £1.40           £2.80         £3.00     £5.00

Horses             £0.90           £1.40         £1.80     £3.00

Equipment        £1.40           £1.80         £3.00     £4.50
2h/chariot*       £5.50           £8.50         ------     £14.50

Elephant*         £5.50           £9.00         ------     £15.00

4h/chariot*       £7.00         £13.50         ------     £18.00
*includes 3-4 crew as well

The above figures can be tetrioned based, this cost an additional 10% but it is a hardwearing finish worth the extra cost.
When ordering please state any special instructions i.e.

1) Specific base sizes or particular unit required.
2) Matt or Gloss

Large items i.e. tanks; etc will be quoted for when requested.

6mm Painting

Painting 6mm figures is £10.00 per pack (based on Heroics and Ros packs of 50 inf,etc)
Basing of 6mm figures now costs £4.00 per pack.

Additional information