5th August 2014

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Just back from Claymore recovered from all the driving, had a great time thanks to all the organization.

Our delayed Sikh wars is running on all the cavalry and Generals are done as are about 25% of the infantry in a couple of weeks we will be in a position to launch, sorry for the delay but as you know the original designer is very very seriously ill in ITC so lets all wish him a speedy and full recovery.

so here are a few pics


British Lancers




Chorachurra/Sikh Irreg. Cavalry with Sword/Firearm


Bengal Cavalry



Also more of the 15mm British WW1 are coming through here are a few more

British MG and crew




Looking forward to the start of another run of show Newcastle and Newark in September and the Derby in October

so for now catch you then or on the phone