Nathans Gallery 2 - 15mm Marlburian



Nathan painted these figures sometime ago and I think looking at them cant but inspire anyone to get involved


Wyndhams Dragoons close up


Wyndhams Dragoons


Wolframsdorf Kuirassier Regiment


Wartensleben horse


Von May Regiment


Tattenbach Regiment


St Genie Husaren


Sjaellandske regiment


Royal Italien Regiment



British Army


Prins Georg Regiment


Lutzenberg regiment


Luttisch Regiment 


Dopff Dragoons


Dillon Regiment


Listenois Dragoons close up



Listenois Dragoons



Haxthausen Regiment


French Army


Frankenberg-Leib Regiment


British Foot Gaurds


French Dragoons defend a village supported by Gendarmarie


French awaiting the Allied Attack


British Infantry Advancing


Allied Army Moving forward


Bavarian Infantry


Alt-Dohna Regt


Allied Army





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