New 18mm Colonial List

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                            New 18mm Colonial List


 This new range is due out at end of January early Feb depending on moulding times, this is part one of what we hope will be a large comprehensive range 




CE30 Un married Zulu Warriors Advancing

CE31 Un married Warriors Charging

CE32 Un married Warriors with Firearm

CE33 Married Zulu Warriors Advancing

CE34 Married Warriors Charging

CE35 Married Warriors with Firearm

CE45 Zulu Generals 



CE01 Hadendowa Charging

CE02 Hadendowa Advancing

CE03 Hadendowa with Firearm

CE04 Ansar Charging

CE05 Ansar Advancing

CE06 Ansar with Firearm

CE07 Ansar Foot Command

CE08 Artillery Crew

CE09 Ansar Cavalry Charging

CE11 Ansar Cavalry Command

CE12 Ansar Camelry

CE20 Mahdists Generals

CE21 Mahdi and Osman Dinga set

CE22 Mahdist falling Wounded 


CE23 Mahdist Dead 



CE25 Warriors with Firearm

CE26 Warriors with Spear or sword

CE27 Command




BE01 Infantry Advancing 1870s

BE02 Infantry Charging 1870s

BE03 Infantry Firing 1870s

BE05 Infantry Command 1870,s

BE06 Infantry Firing Gatling 1870s £3

BE07 Infantry Firing Gardner 1870s £3

BE09 Marines

BE10 Marine Command

BE12 Infantry Command 1880s

BE14 Infantry Advancing 1880s

BE15 Infantry Charging 1880s

BE16 Infantry Firing 1880s

BE18 Infantry Command 1880s

BE19 Infantry Firing Gardner 1880s £3

BE20 Scottish Infantry Advancing

BE21 Scottish Infantry Firing

BE22 Scottish Command

BE25 Artillery Crew 1870's

BE26 Naval Detachment Firing Gatling £3

BE27 Naval detachment Firing Gardner £3

BE30 Sikh Infantry Advancing

BE32 Sikh Command

BE35 Gurkha Infantry Advancing

BE37 Gurkha Command

BE38 Artillery Crew 1880's

BE40 British Lancer

BE41 British Dragoon/ Heavy Cavalry

BE42 Bengal Lancer

BE50 British Generals Circa 1870

BE51 British Generals Circa 1880


CA01 9pdr Piece

CA02 7pdr Screw Gun 


BEV01 Defenders of Rorkes Drift 


Battle Packs

CBP100 British Infantry 1870's

CBP101 British Infantry 1880's

CBP102 Scottish Infantry and Marines (40/20)

CBP103 Sikh and Ghurka Infantry (40/20)

CBP108 British Lancers and Heavy Cavalry (12/12)

CBP109 Bengal Lancers

ARP300 9pdrs, Artillery Crew + Mg's (1870's)

ARP301 7pdr Screw gun, Artillery Crew + Mg's (1880's) 


CBP200 Hadendowa Warriors

CBP201 Ansar Warriors

CBP202 Ansar Cavalry and Camelry

CBP206 Zulu Warriors Married

CBP207 Zulu Warriors Un Married

CBP212 Ashanti Warriors (40 rifle/20 melee)