Future Ranges

Future Planned 15mm Ranges

 Janissary Command






























SAM01 - Mounted Samurai with yari

SAM02 - Mounted Samurai with sword

SAM03 - Mounted Samurai with Bow

SAM04 - Samurai Standing with Yari

SAM05 - Samurai Advancing with Yari

SAM06 - Samurai with Sword

SAM07 - Samurai Firing Bow

SAM08 - Samuai Generals Mounted

SAM09 - Ashigaru Advancing Yari

SAM10 - Ashigaru with Pike

SAM11 - Ashigaru Arquebus

SAM12 - Ashigaru Bow

SAM13 - Ashigaru Command

SAM14 - Ikko-Ikki with Assorted weapons

SAM15 - Ikko-Ikki with Arquebus

SAM16 - Armed Peasants

SAM17 - Warrior monks on Foot

SAM18 - Warrior Monks mounted

SAM19 - Ashigaru Standing with Yari


Battle Packs

GBP100 - Mounted Samuria

GBP101 - Foot Samurai (30 melees/30 Bow)

GBP102 – Ashigaru (30 melees/30 Arquebus)

GBP103 - Ashigaru (30 melees/30 Bow)

GBP104 - Armed Peasants

GBP105 - Monks on Foot

GBP106 - Monks mounted

GBP107 –Ikko Ikki Foot




Napoleon in Egypt British




RWB50 - Infantry Advancing


RWB51 - Infantry Marching


RWB52 - Infantry Firing


RWB53 - Flank Company Marching


RWB54 - Flank Company Firng


RWB56 - Infantry Command


RWB65 - Experimental Rifle Corps


RWB67 - Marines


RWB70 - Infantry Sepoys Advancing


RWB71 -Infantry Sepoys Marching


RWB74 - Artillery crew ( mother shipton hat)


RWB81 - Cavalry (tarleton)


RWB82 - Cavalry South African 8th regt




Battle packs


RBP150 - British Infantry


RBP151 - Marines and rifles


RBP152 - Sepoys


RBP153 - Cavalry( 12 tarleton /12 SA regt


ARP208 - Artillery pack



 New 18mm Samurai and British in Egypt









          Over the next few weeks I am asking for your help, we have three ranges planned and we would like you to help us choose and that range will be the one we work on and will offer our next 25% pre release offer, depending on interest in the ranges and the people wanting to take up the offer we might do one or all the ranges depending on our budget and the input by you, the lists are below have a look let me know on the e mail below what you think,  if you see any glaring omissions and which one you would like to see released and if your interested in our 25% pre release discount!

Our First planned release is a continuation of our WW1 range


WW1 Middle East



GWT01 - Turkish Infantry Command

GWT02 - Turkish Infantry Marching

GWT03 - Turkish Infantry Advancing

GWT04 - Turkish Infantry Firing

GWT06 - Turkish Machine Gun and Crew ( x3)

GWT07 - Turkish Artillery Crew

GWT15 - Turkish Cavalry

GWT20 - Arab Regulars Advancing

GWT21 - Arab Regulars Firing


Middle East British

GWB01 - British Infantry Command

GWB02 - British Infantry Marching

GWB03 - British Infantry Advancing

GWB04 - British Infantry Firing

GWB06 - British Machine Gun and Crew ( x3)

GWB07 - British Artillery Crew

GWB15 - British Cavalry


Australian Light Horse

GWAH01 - Australian Mounted Command

GWAH02 - Australian Light Horse Mounted Advancing

GWAH03 - Australian Light Horse Mounted Charging

GWAH04 - Australian Dismounted Command

GWAH05 - Australian Dismounted Troopers Firing

GWAH06 - Australian Dismounted Troopers Advancing

GWAH07 - Australian Horse Holders and Horses



GWBD01 - Arab Foot Command

GWBD02 - Arab Foot Firing

GWBD03 - Arab Foot Advancing with Firearm

GWBD04 - Arab Foot Charging with Firearm

GWBD05 - Arab Machine Gun and Crew (x3)

GWBD10 - Arab Mounted Charging

GWBD14 - Arab Camelry Charging


Battle Packs

GWBP200 - Turkish Infantry

GWBP201 - Turkish Artillery (6 Guns and Crews) +6 MG's and Crews

GWBP202 - Turkish Cavalry

GWBP206 - Arab Regulars in Ottoman Service

GWBP215 - British Infantry Middle East

GWBP216 - British Artillery Middle East (6 Guns and Crews) +6 MG's and Crews

GWBP217 - British Cavalry Middle east

GWBP230 - Australian Light Horse mounted

GWBP231 - DisMtd Australian Light Horse ( 18 Horses, 6 holders and 30 troopers)

GWBP240 - Bedouin Foot

GWBP241 - Bedouin Cavalry

GWBP242 - Bedouin Camelry


Our second is a continuation of our revolutionary range - Napoleon in Egypt



Napoleon In Egypt



RWF50 - Infantry Advancing

RWF51 - Infantry Marching

RWF52 - Infantry Firing

RWF53 - Infantry Command

RWF54 - Dromedary Corps

RWF55 - Dromedary Corps Dismounted

RWF56 - Dragoon

RWF57 - Hussar

RWF58 - Artillery Crew

RWF60 - Napoleon on Camel and Divisional Commanders



RWM01 - Mameluke Generals

RWM02 - Mameluke Cavalry Charging Lance

RWM03 - Mameluke Cavalry Charging Sword and Pistol

RWM04 - Mameluke Cavalry Advancing lance

RWM05 - Mameluke Cavalry Advancing Sword

RWM06 - Mameluke Cavalry Standing Lance

RWM07 - Mameluke Cavalry Standing Sword

RWM08 - Mameluke cavalry Attacking Square

RWM10 - Fellahin Infantry

RWM11 - Fellahin Foot Command

RWM12 - Artillery Crew

RWM13 - Mameluke Foot Servants( Better Armed foot)

RWM14 - Bedouin Cavalry

RWM15 - Bedouin Camelry 


Battle Packs

RBP150 - French Infantry Advancing/Firing Egyptian uniform

RBP151 - French Infantry Marching Egyptian uniform

RBP152 - Dromedary Corps ( 16 mounted/20 foot)

RBP153 - French Cavalry in Egypt(Dragoons and Hussars)

ARP200 - French in Egypt Artillery pack( 8 guns and crew)

RBP170 - Egyptian Mamelukes Charging

RBP171 - Egyptian Mamelukes Standing

RBP172 - Bedouin Cavalry

RBP173 - Bedouin Camelry

RBP174- Mameluke Servants

RBP175 - Fellahin Infantry


The third is the Renaissance Italian Wars Circa 1490


Early Renaissance ( Italian Wars)


IR01 - Generals

IR02 - Gendarmes Charging with Lance

IR03 - Gendarmes Advancing with Lance

IR04 - Gendarmes Standing with Lance

IR05 - Gendarmes Charging with Sword

IR06 - French Archers Charging ( Heavy Cavalry)

IR07 - French Archers Advancing ( Heavy Cavalry)

IR08 - Argolets

IR09 - Stradiots

IR10 - Italian Light Cavalry

IR20 - Italian Infantry with Crossbow

IR21 - Italian Infantry with Pike

IR22 - Italian Foot Command

IR23 - Swiss Foot Command

IR24 - Swiss Pike Advancing

IR25 - Swiss Pike Charging

IR26 - Swiss with Sword/ Halberd

IR27 - Swiss with Crossbow

IR30 - Landsknecht Foot Command

IR31 - Landsknecht Pike Advancing

IR32 - Landsknecht Pike Charging

IR33 - Landsknecht with Sword/ Halberd

IR34 - Landsknecht with Crossbow

IR40 - French Infantry with Pike

IR41 - French Infantry with Crossbow

IR50 - Landsknecht Artillery Crew


Battle Packs

EBP550 - Gendarmes Charging

EBP551 - Gendarmes Standing

EBP552 - French Archers ( Heavy Cavalry)

EBP553 - Stradiots

EBP554- Argolets and Italian Cavalry

EBP555 - Italian Infantry ( 30 Pike/30 Crossbow)

EBP556 - Swiss Infantry ( 40 Pike, 10 Halberd,10 crossbow)

EBP557 - Landsknechts ( 40 Pike, 10 Halberd,10 crossbow)

EBP558 - French Infantry ( 30 Pike/30 Crossbow)





Any suggestions, to make a choice of your preference and let us know if your interested in a pre release offer of 25% discount  email me on

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Thanks for your time and help looking at the above lists and the support you give to our little firm, Allan





















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