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Summer Sale 15% 


 Thanks for the support that has kept us still around in the Covid 19 era


 So now our Sale from 10mm to 28mm,

Standard packs to Army Packs,

 Panting service to Rules

 Everything is on Sale Don’t miss out Now!

 Thanks for the support that has kept us still around in the Covid 19 era

 Pre Release offer


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18mm Great 


  Northern War

Our Great Northern War range is due for release in mid August but as usual we are offering you the chance to pre order and save
Standard packs
( 8 foot, 4 mounted, 6 foot command or 3 mounted command)


GNWR01 - Pike Advancing Kartus                                       GNWR02 - Pike ready/|Standing Kartus

             GNWR03 - Musketeer Adv Kartus                                        GNWR04 - Musketeer Russian Firing line Kartus

       GNWR05 - Musketeer Command Kartus £2.40                    GNWR06 - Pike Advancing Tricorne            

  GNWR07 - Pike ready/standing Tricorne                               GNWR08 - Musketeer Adv Tricorne        

             GNWR10 - Musketeer Firing line Tricorne                         GNWR11 - Musketeer Command Tricorne £2.40  

  GNWR12 - Grenadier Advancing                                          GNWR13 - Grenadier Firing line               

   GNWR14 - Grenadier command                                           GNWR15 – Streltsi Marching                     

GNWR16 – Streltsi Advancing                                              GNWR20 - Art Crew                               

  GNWR25 - Dragoons Advancing                                          GNWR26 - Dragoons Charging                

GNWR27 - Dismounted Dragoons                                         GNWR28 - Horse Grenadiers                 

    GNWR30 - Cavalry Command £2.40                                      GNWR35 - Don Cossacks                        

     GNWR36 - Kalmyks Cossacks                                               GNWR40 – Generals                                    



GNWS01 - Pike Advancing Karpus                       GNWS02 - Pike at Marching Karpus         

    GNWS03 - Pike Charging in Karpus                     GNWS04 - Musketeer Advancing in Karpus   

             GNWS05 - Musketeer Marching in Karpus         GNWS07 - Musketeer Command Karpus £2.40        

GNWS08 - Pike Advancing Tricorne                  GNWS09 - Pike at Marching Tricorne          

GNWS10 - Pike Charging Tricorne                    GNWS11 - Musketeer Adv Tricorne           

            GNWS12 - Musketeer Marching Tricorne         GNWS13 - Musketeer Command Tricorne £2.40    

        GNWS15 - Grenadier Charging Grenadier Mitre   GNWS16 - Musketeers Charging Tricorne               

     GNWS17 - Grenadier Advancing Tricorne               GNWS18 - Grenadier Marching Tricorne          

  GNWS20 – Artillery                                              GNWS25 - Cavalry Charging                       

GNWS26 - Cavalry Advancing                               GNWS27 - Cavalry command £2.40         

GNWS35 – Generals 


Battle Packs

 1 pack £18, 2-3 packs £17ea, 4+ £16 ea

(packs contain 50 foot, 24 mounted or 8 guns and crews) 

GNBP100 - Russian Pike and Shot Advancing in Tricorne     

  GNBP101 - Russian Pike and Shot Marching in Tricorne          

  GNBP102 - Russian Pike and Shot Advancing in Kartus          

     GNBP103 - Russian Pike and Shot Marching in Kartus                

           GNBP104 – Streltsi                                                                                   

    GNBP105 – Russian Advancing Dragoons                                     

      GNBP106 – Russian Charging Dragoons                                          

                GNBP107 – Don Cossacks                                                                              

   GNBP108 – Kalmyak Cossacks                                                         

                     ARP026 – Russian Artillery                                                                                

  GNBP115 – Swedish Pike and Shot Advancing in Tricorne      

      GNBP116 – Swedish Pike and Shot Marching in Tricorne         

           GNBP117 – Swedish Pike and Shot Charging in Tricorne                 

      GNBP118 – Swedish Pike and Shot Advancing in Karpus             

    GNBP119 – Swedish Pike and Shot Marching in Karpus          

GNBP121 – Swedish Heavy Cavalry/ Dragoons Advancing   

      GNBP122 – Swedish Heavy Cavalry/ Dragoons Charging        

ARP025 -Swedish Artillery                                                          

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18mm ACW Wagons
others we are working on
10mm Pony Wars and Foreign Legion 
18mm Great Northern War

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